Activity trackers

“Activity trackers” is addressed to 5th and 6th graders; the program aims to familiarize students with self-tracking devices and data collecting technologies and enhance students’ understanding about privacy and security of personal data. The program aims to help students understand their role in the Big Data era and adopt informed online behaviors when using the new media.

During the program, each student is provided with a personalized activity tracker for the duration of the program and participates in a sequence of experiential activities, inside and outside the classroom, aiming to develop their knowledge and skills on the follow topics: (a) the use of new technologies to track the daily activity routine, (b) the conceptual understanding of the data lifecycle and the uses of personal data by others, (c) their role and their rights as consumers of new media and produces of personal data dossiers.

The program can accommodate a class of maximum 24 students. The MCL educators provide each student with an activity tracker and guidance throughout the program, as needed. Students are familiarized and trained on how to use the activity trackers at the program beginning. The program lasts 8 hours (e.g. 4 days x 2 hours per day) and can be implemented at any time during the academic year.

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