Young Archaeologists

“Young Archaeologists” is addressed to 3rd and 4th graders; the program takes place at the Neolithic archaeological site of Choirokoitia. As part of the program, students are divided in pairs; each pair is provided with a tablet, equipped with a location-aware Augmented Reality (AR) app. During the AR activity students have the opportunity to participate in a historical, inquiry-based investigation for resulting in an evidence-based decision in relation to the guiding question: Why people from Neolithic era have chosen Choirokoitia to build their houses?

During their investigation, students are invited to visit five stations, which are located on places of educational interest within the archaeological site. At each station students collect virtual or physical data on the topic. Overall, during the learning process, students take the role of young archaeologists; they collect and synthesize information about the historical site and learn how the Neolithic people lived.

The program can accommodate a group of maximum 30 students. The MCL educators provide each group with tablets and guidance throughout the activity; for each group, 3-4 MCL educators provide guidance to students to complete their mission and technical support, as needed. Schools are responsible for reserving a date/time for the visit as well as for students’ transfer to the archaeological site.

The program lasts about two hours and is available only during the Spring and Autumn periods.

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