Co-inform is an EU-funded project in which the Department of Communication and Internet Studies of the Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) is involved. Co-inform is a collaboration between universities and SMEs in seven European countries (Austria, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Spain, Sweden, UK) aiming to empower citizens, journalists and policy makers through co-created socio-technical solutions, to increase resilience to misinformation and fake news by generating more informed behaviors and policies.

Co-inform brings together a multidisciplinary team of researchers and experts in computer science, behavioural science, and sociology in an effort to fight misinformation through the development of digital tools for identifying fake news, understanding and predicting which misinformation content is likely to be spread across online platforms, and contributing to the decrease of misinformation and formulation of misconceptions. These tools will be piloted in three of the participating countries.

The consortium involves the following partners:

Stockholm University, Cyprus University of Technology, Open University UK, University of Koblenz, FactCheckNI, Expert System Iberia, International Hellenic University, International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis, and Scytl.

Find out more about the Co-inform project on the official website.

Focus: Co-create tools with citizens, journalists and policy-makers to foster critical thinking and digital literacy to fight misinformation for a better-informed society

Funding: European-funded project

Status: On-going

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