TUNED: “Training courses for teachers in Universities for Nurturing innovative Educative practices in Distance and blended learning based on self regulation”

The TUNED project (2021-2024) is a European Commision funded Erasmus+ programme that seeks to address the challenges that have emerged due to the evolution in the digitilisation and modernisation of established teaching strategies. Online learning requires considerably more individualised attention and educators must undergo comprehensive training in digital pedagogies to effectively utilise the potential of digital technologies in the education sector. The focus on self-directed learning through a process of self-tuning is where the term ‘TUNED’ derives from. This idea of “tuning” draws a parallel with the tuning of a musical instrument in an orchestra, where a harmony can only be achieved when all instruments work cooperatively together. This analogy applies to all learning environments including virtual classrooms.

The TUNED consortium is working on establishing a training program for professors and lecturers at higher educator institutions (HEIs) with a blended learning approach and an emphasis on enhancing skills in collaborative and self-regulated learning (SRL). This initiative involves collaboration between the Universita degli Studi di Foggia (coordinators), the University of Oulu, the Cyprus University of Technology, SmartED SRL, the Vereniging van European Distance Teaching Universities, and the C2 Group. The fundamental goal is to support the development of self-regulation competence alongside socioemotional learning. To authenticate the learning outcomes in self-regulated learning and instruction, the project aims to establish a system of micro-credentials in order to authenticate the learning outcomes in self-regulated learning and instruction. The project will also develop a MOOC for HEI staff that will utilise user-centered design and practical exercises in the form of serious games. Academic staff consisting of professors, teachers, lecturers and PhD students can gain new and creative teaching tools founded on psychological theories on self-regulation learning.

TUNED is funded under action KA220-HED – Cooperation partnerships in higher education.

Find out more about the project on the official website.

Focus: Provide an innovative solution that meets the professors needs in higher education contexts, creating a new training course for academic fostering their teaching skills based on a collaborative learning approach.

Funding: European-funded project

Status: On-going