On March 22nd, 2012, an outstanding public lecture focusing on “New Technologies and Educational Reform” took place at the Cyprus University of Technology. The event was organized as part of the Master Program of “New Technologies for Communication & Learning”, hosted by the Department of Communication & Internet Studies.

The event took the form of a public debate focusing on the role of New Technologies in the context of the educational reform. During this public debate different aspects were highlighted related to the:

  • Teachers’ professional development
  • Learning design process
  • Role of new technologies in the educational context

The dean of the university introduced the event while during the event different stakeholders such as researchers and professors from the academia, policy makers and in-service teachers took part at the debate, sharing their perspectives.

The public debate was moderated by Dr. Eleni A. Kyza, Assistant Professor and Coordinator of the Master’s program in “New Technologies for Communication & Learning”.

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