New MCL publications

Kyza, E. A. & Agesilaou, A. (2022). Investigating the processes and conditions for teacher and researcher empowerment in co-design settings. Cognition and Instruction, 40(1), 100-125.

Goldman, S. R., Hmelo-Silver, C. E. , & Kyza, E. A. (2022). Collaborative Design as a Context for Teacher and Researcher Learning: Introduction to the Special Issue. Cognition and Instruction, 40(1), 1-6.

Agesilaou, A. & Kyza, E. A. (2022, April 21-26).  Fostering awareness of big data through a quantified-self approach: Designing for critical data literacy. To be presented at the annual conference of the American Educational Research Association (AERA), San Diego, CA, as part of the symposium “Data Literacy in Context: Culturally Oriented and Place-Based Learning through Data”.

Agesilaou, A. & Kyza, E. A. (2022).  Whose data are they? Elementary school students’ conceptualization of data ownership and privacy of personal digital data. International Journal of Child-Computer Interaction.

Kyza, E. A., Agesilaou, A., Georgiou, Y., Hadjichambis, A.C. (Forthcoming.) Teacher-Researcher Co-design Teams: Teachers as Intellectual Partners in Design. In A. C. Superfine, S. R. Goldman, M. Ko (Eds.) Changing Content and Contexts of Teacher Learning: Supporting Shifts in Instructional practices. Advances in the Learning Sciences. Routledge.

Kyza, E. A., Georgiou, Y., Agesilaou, A., & Souropetsis, M. (2022). A Cross-Sectional Study Investigating Primary School Children’s Coding Practices and Computational Thinking Using ScratchJr. Journal of Educational Computing Research60(1), 220–257.

More MCL scholarly contributions


First Annual Greek Speaking Conference of Communication Labs (Greek)

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Σε μια εποχή έντονων προκλήσεων για την επιστήμη της επικοινωνίας στις 25 και 26 Ιουνίου 2022 με τη σύμπραξη 12 Εργαστηρίων με έδρα τους 7 Πανεπιστημιακά Τμήματα Επικοινωνίας σε Ελλάδα...

JOUREDIS Workshop 5

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Workshop 5: Fact-checking as a means of addressing misinformation and its role in contemporary journalism Date: 5 May 2022, 16:00-18:00 (online) Guest speakers: Andronikos Koutroumbelis & Stamos Archontis, Fact Checkers...

Admission for PhD studies, starting September 2022

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The MCL Research Group (Cyprus University of Technology) accepts applications for one post at Doctoral level (PhD) that will begin September 2022. The MCL Research Group (Cyprus University of Technology)...

EARLI SIG 8 & 16: Summer School Acceptance

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Christiana Varda, PhD student and Research Associate at the Media, Cognition and Learning Research Group, has been selected to participate at EARLI Joint SIG 8 & 16 Summer School 2022,...

ISLS Conference 2022: Papers Acceptance

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We are happy to announce that the Media Cognition and Learning Research Group will be presenting two papers at the International Society of the Learning Sciences Conference (ISLS 2022), which...

JOUREDIS Workshop 4

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Workshop 4: Engaging readers through live blogging Date: 7 April 2022, 16:00-18:00 (online) Guest speaker: Dr Konstantinos Makris, Associate Professor of Environmental Health, Cyprus International Institute for Environmental and Public...


The Media, Cognition and Learning (MCL) Group is a research group within the Department of Communication and Internet Studies at the Cyprus University of Technology. MCL’s focus is the study of the relation of media, cognition and learning in various educational fields and settings.

The group is led by Dr. Eleni A. Kyza and is composed by members of the Department of Communication and Internet Studies and graduate students at the Ph.D. or Master’s level.

Research in the Media, Cognition and Learning (MCL) group is structured around three main research areas: (1) Learning Sciences, (2) Technology-enhanced learning and (3) Inquiry-based learning

Research topics include among others:

  • Augmented reality technologies for learning
  • Technology-enhanced learning in inquiry-based science
  • Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL)
  • Teachers’ Professional development
  • Design-based research
  • Mobile learning
  • Game-based learning
  • Immersive technologies for learning

The MCL research group aims to promote high quality research in the context of Media, Cognition and Learning.