Student theses

Here you can find a list of students theses, both undergraduate and master.

Name Thesis Area Year
 Nikoletta Pantela  Investigating students’ scaffolding for historical thinking development through collaboration, with the use of augmented reality technologies. [in Greek] 2016
Matina Pospori-Marathefti Investigating peer support during a tinkering, constructionist learning environment [in Greek] 2015
Raphaela Charalambous A comparison of two pedagogical models for integrating robotics in education [in Greek] 2015
Maria Papayianni Peer feedback and its role in primary students’ creative writing using blogs [in Greek] 2015
Ιrini Efstathiou The contribution of an augmented reality application to the development of historical empathy in elementary school students [in Greek] 2015
Erato Pishiara The use of tablets to support collaboration in pre-school children [in Greek] 2015
Panagiotis Kosmas The investigation of the use of an online community of practice by Greek Cypriot teachers: a case study [In Greek] 2015
Eftychia Xerou The investigation of a collaborative wiki environment to support learning of Italian as a foreign language. [In Greek] 2014
Afroditi Tsounidou The impact of technology as a collaboration medium during sense-making at the museum. [In Greek] 2013
Andria Pavlou Peer assessment through synchronous and asynchronous communication. [In Greek] 2012
Name Thesis Area Year
Varnavia Giorgalla Virtual reality and learning motivation [in Greek] 2023
Maria Efpraxia Virtual Reality and immersion [in Greek] 2023
Maria Takka Investigating immersion in the context of augmented reality technologies [in Greek] 2016
Valentina Stylianou Violence in Virtual Worlds [In Greek] 2011
Irene Avraam An investigation of the potential of multi-touch surfaces for supporting collaborative learning [In Greek] 2011