We are happy to announce that the Media Cognition and Learning Research Group will be presenting two papers at the International Society of the Learning Sciences Conference (ISLS 2022), which will take place 6-10 June 2022, online. The theme of the conference was International Collaboration toward Educational Innovation for All: Overarching Research, Development, and Practices.

Christiana Varda and Dr Eleni A. Kyza’s paper “The Role of Epistemic Emotions During Engagement with Online Information Encounters” has been accepted to be presented for the International Conference of the Learning Sciences segment of the ISLS 2022 as a Full Paper Presentation.

Additionally, Dr Eleni A. Kyza and Christiana Varda will also be participating in a symposium presentation. Their contribution is titled “Data literacy and social design implications of algorithmic, socio-technical solutions to combating misinformation on social media” and it will be part of the symposium “Cultivating Critical, Justice-Oriented Data Literacies in a Post-Truth World”. The symposium was submitted to the International Conference of the Learning Sciences of ISLS 2022 and was organized by Dr Joe Polman (University of Colorado Boulder), Dr Iris Tabak (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev) and Dr Trang C. Tran (University of Colorado Boulder).