“Young Archaeologists” is a locally- funded research project, which is focused on the investigation of inquiry-based AR mobile learning in archaeological and cultural settings. Employing a design- based approach, the overall goal of the project is to collect multiple empirical data through a set of iterative studies about the nature of students’ historical learning in archaeological and cultural settings based on the inquiry-based AR mobile learning approach. As part of this project, the “Young Archaeologists” AR learning environment, which is addressed to 3rd  and 4th graders, has been developed. The learning environment takes place at the Neolithic archaeological site of Choirokoitia. As part of the design-based approach, the main efforts of the project are focused the development of an evidence-based framework reflecting the affordances and challenges of the inquiry-based AR mobile learning in archaeological and cultural settings; these efforts will also guide the design and re-design, improvement and finalization of the “Young Archaeologists” AR learning environment.

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Focus: Inquiry-based AR mobile learning in archaeological and cultural settings

Funding: Locally-funded project

Status: Ongoing

Related Publications

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