“App inventors” is a locally-funded research project, which is focused on the investigation of high school students computational thinking, active citizenship and their inter- relationships. Employing an exploratory research design, the overall goal of the project is to investigate the potential contribution of new technologies for programming and producing digital apps on students’ computational and creative thinking as well as on the raise of students’ active citizenship in the context of complex socio-scientific issues. As part of this project, the “AppInventors” program which is addressed to high school students, has been developed. The program aims to introduce students in computational thinking through the App Inventor programming application. In particular, the main efforts of this project are focused on the exploration of students’ computational thinking for the development of active citizenship digital apps, as a medium for undertaking individual or collective citizenship actions.

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Focus:Computational thinking in relation to active citizenship

Funding: Locally-funded project

Status: Ongoing

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