“Activity Trackers” is a locally-funded research project, which is focused on the investigation of elementary school students’ knowledge about the functions of the human body and healthy lifestyle habits. Employing an exploratory research design, the overall goal of the project is to investigate the potential contribution of this innovating technology in Science Education in order to help students learn about the functions of the human body by collecting data from their own bodies after a set of experiential activities. In addition, the projects aims to promote healthy lifestyle to students and help them adopt healthier eating habits, as well as to exercise regularly. The “Activity Trackers” program has also a parallel goal; to explore the potential of students’ contribution in the co-design of a learning environment which makes use of the activity trackers, in order to be implemented in Science Education in elementary schools. Co-design enables the inclusion of students needs and interests in the curriculum development for more motivating learning environments. The “Activity Trackers” program provides the opportunity to students to communicate their preferences and have an active role in the design of learning environments using innovating technologies.

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Focus: Participatory design

Funding: Locally-funded project

Status: Ongoing

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